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David Hudson | Hamilton Beachfront | Photography: Kendell MacLeod

"We present contemporary art that resonates and reverberates beyond the initial encounter, with the intent of empowering artists and audiences to imagine beyond perceived or assumed limitations."

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David Hudson | Hamilton, James St N. | Photography: Kendell MacLeod



Definition: situated nearer to the centre of the body or the point of attachment.


"How does knowing myself and self identification give me access to intrinsic connection with others?"

Inspired by life events that include;  marriage, grief, and social distance, this new work explores themes of intimacy and hierarchy. How can we reimagine the societal norms around expressing affection for one another.  Proximal will specifically examine relationships, a 'being' in relation to another being. How we embody apartness. What does it mean to be missing, and to miss another being?

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David Hudson | Hamilton Beachfront | Photography: Kendell MacLeod

‘Ghost in the Machine’


Is there a second life in the memories stored in the digital realm? Is there a second death when the batteries die or the tech is outdated?

Ghost in the Machine will examine the distinctions between life and the digital documentation of life, and how memory can be transferred, upgraded, and captured. 

David Hudson & Richard Filc | Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts 

‘Dad Bod’ (Working title)


This new work will examine the process of 'body reconciliation' and how the male body can be beautiful and powerful in all forms.


How do men currently experience their own physical presence?


"Male body image issues can be a result of trauma connected with bullying, sexual trauma, or other childhood trauma. Moreover, during the pandemic, isolation and lack of social and physical activity has led to a spike in disordered eating and negative body image issues in men." - Newport Institute (2021).