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Jenn Harrison & Brittany Erin-Rose | Art Gallery of Hamilton | Photography: Ayobami Tzu Macaulay

Stanhope | 'Ontology' :


“The nature of being. The experience of happiness.”


This trio between three women was developed and  debuted as part of the 2019 'Supercrawl' festival.

Rehearsal footage from The Cotton Factory

featuring: Jenn Harrison, Tanis MacArthur, and Jasmine Almaguer Sheldrick.

Stanhope | 'Im·plo·sion' :


“An instance of something collapsing violently inward, a sudden failure or collapse of an organization or system.”


This Duet between two women debuted in February of 2019 at The Art Gallery of Hamilton, as part of The Masquerade Gala for the Canadian Mental Health Association (Hamilton).

Choreographic research footage from the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts

featuring: David Hudson.

Stanhope | 'Optical Bijou' :


“Revealing hidden messages and frequencies to discovering resolutions and a deeper understanding of ourselves.”


This Duet between two men debuted in June of 2018 at

The Art Gallery of Hamilton, as part of 'Hamilton Arts Week'.

Various performance footage from 

Hamilton Arts Week 2018

featuring: David Hudson & Richard Filc.